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Land Tax


Land Tax defined


Land tax is a state tax that NSW land owners must pay annually – with ownership of the land, and hence a requirement to pay the tax, being recorded/classified as at 31 December (midnight).

Most people are NOT required to pay land tax if the land in question is their principal place of residence, or, if the land is used for farming.

Land that may be subject to land tax includes:

  • Vacant land, including vacant rural land
  • Land where a house, residential unit or flat has been built
  • Holiday home
  • Investment properties
  • Company title units
  • Residential, commercial or industrial units, including car spaces
  • Commercial properties, including factories, shops and warehouses
  • Land leased from state or local government

For the year of 2014, the land tax threshold was set at $412,000 – this means that if your land is worth less than this, you will not have to pay land tax. The premium land tax threshold for 2014 is set at $2,519,000.

Non-income earning land

Even if you are not receiving income from property that you own (other than your principle place of residence), you will still be rewired to pay land tax on it – provided you own it as at 31 December.

Ownership of land outside of your state/territory:

You will not be required to pay your state land tax, though you will have to pay the tax to the state/territory government that the land is situated in – apart from the Northern Territory who don’t collect land tax.

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